Property Management at May Ho Realty

Why us?

With a decade of expertise under our belt, we’ve got systems in place to ensure full accessibility to our clients and tenants. We work in collaboration with you to bring excellent customer service for you and your tenants.

What to expect from us.

Property Management at a Glance

Since 2010, May Ho Realty has provided property management services with:
– No upfront fees
– Prompt and professional communication
– Regularly scheduled home inspections
– No maintenance mark-up fees
– 100% tenant guarantee
– In-house brokerage

We manage properties in Orlando, Windermere, and Winter Garden. Since we focus on a smaller region, we are able to provide a higher quality of service for our clients and their properties.

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Property Management Services

Take advantage of our full-service property management expertise.

Rental Analysis

We'll perform a complimentary, custom rental analysis for your property.

Ready-To-Rent Condition

We assist you in preparing your property for a condition suitable for tenants to rent.

Tenant Applications

We'll process, screen, and approve tenants based on the acceptable criteria you set for your property.

HOA/Condo Approval

We'll assist tenants with homeowner's association (HOA) or Condo approval process.

HOA/Condo Fee Management

We'll keep track and take care of HOA or Condo fees.

Vendor Invoice Approval

We'll review vendor invoices and approve them after acceptable work is performed on your property.